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BIG THANKS to the following:

Father God for His awesome plan for the world, specifically in including the gift of MUSIC!

Jesus, for his obedience to His Father and faithfulness to us.

The Holy Spirit for being a guide evermore and allowing we who believe to connect to the Godhead.

My Mom, Dad (RIP), family, friends, and enemies: without you, there'd simply be no me.

Oldies WSEN radio - for teaching me what good pop songs can sound like.

Movies, Books, TV, Plays - for telling good stories and presenting such realistic characters..

Our Lady of Lourdes School (RIP) - for educating me in a safe and sheltered environment.

The Vinette Household - for encouraging me through my teen years.

CBA Syracuse - for lighting the fire of creativity in me and for introducing me to music theory (Mr. Caraher).

Todd Benware - for introducing me to poetry in a way that has stuck with me ever since.

Anarchy Joe - for getting me through high school sane.

Le Moyne College - for sparking my passion for inquiry into the mysteries of the universe and for introducing me to jazz.

Father Maldari - for getting me started on this path of Religious Studies and for nurturing my ability to mentor.

LMC Learning Community (class of '05) - for teaching me what its like to have live-in brothers and sisters and how to get along anyway!

LMC Learning Community (class of '08) - for teaching me how much I love looking after those in the coming generations.

Facebook - for letting me stay connected.

First Christian Assembly - for holding that revival meeting in which I got saved back in '98.

Grace Assembly of God - for introducing me to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Myspace - for getting me out into the world.

UCF church - for the beginnings of my deep discipleship with Jesus and for encouraging me to keep on studying the word.

Westcott Open Mic Night - for giving me my first shot at administrating and leading something from start to finish for a long period of time.

The Krinkle Kuts - for being awesome.

The Syracuse Vineyard - for giving me a place to heal, and for teaching me what good fellowship really looks and feels like and giving me direction on how to grow in my singing and playing.

Joyce Meyer - for teaching me a ton of the Bible in practical ways.

C.S. Lewis - for helping me to think more philosophically about the word of God and how to reach out to the masses.

Onondaga Community College - for teaching me good technique on my instrument and allowing me to have a do-over of sorts with the social part of College.

Pete Hawley - for recording me for free in the past and getting me started.

Community Tabernacle Assembly of God - for letting SPoG practice in your space and for letting us borrow your PA!

Calvary Chapel - for introducing me to some true blue brothers and sisters.

Sucker Punch of Glory - for pushing me toward excellence in arranging music & for the memories!

Studio Dog Productions - thanks for the demo, and the memories.

The interwebs - for making all of THIS HERE possible.

James Newton - for organizing all of this web content into a format that LOOKS FREAKIN' SWEET!

Reverb Nation - for a sweet lookin site.

All the jobs I've had - for giving me a rich, and quite varied, set of life experiences.

Dale Fiegl - for introducing me to abstract artwork.

Environmental Insite - for helping me out with my environment!!

Juan Junco - for the great pictures and videos from Joanne Perry's Open Mic @ Creekside in Skaneateles!!

You - for reading all the way to the end of this LONG list, ha.


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